If we were only playing Rogue Trader, this campaign would be already over.
We would lose. – Elavion.

Welcome to Alanverse!

What is Alanverse?

To put it simple, Alanverse is a name my players made for our combined, multi-system campaign that we’re playing for more than 2 years now. It came out of nowhere and stayed, and we’re using this name for nearly a year now. So no, it has nothing to do with my megalomania ;).

When I started our campaign 2 years ago with a simple Rogue Trader game, it was my first time as a GM. Session was fine, we had a lot of fun. Sadly, one of our players was very busy and did not have itme for a full-time session. So, in order to play something else in the meantime, we started Only War with remaining players. Than, another player joined and we created Dark Heresy for two old players and one new. And than, it went out of control really fast, spawning multiple sessions with multiple people, creating a giant campaign against a common enemy.

We’re currently playing:

- Rouge Trader (2 sessions)

- Ascension (1 session)

- Dark Heresy (2 sessions)

- Only War (1 session)

- Deathwatch ( 1 session, currently on hold)

- Black Crusade (2 sessions)