My players:

I don’t mind if we lose. But even then, I will not go gently.

- Elavion. One of the original 4 players, who still doesn’t have enough of my poor GM’ing. A fan of World of Darkness, also expert on everything Tyranid and Eldar-related.

This is not radical! It’s merely effective. If this is heresy, than we are all heretics.

- Szmariu. Also one of the orginal 4, he’s our technical expert, making maps and charts. He’s also desperatly trying to connect every dot on a giant map of plot points that he keeps at home.

I will not bow to some false ‘god’. If you want to talk, talk to our macrobatteries.

- Terhon, 3rd original player. He’s playing on more sessions than anyone else and saw for himself power of the enemy on more occasions, than any other player. Still, he continues to fight without doubt.

There was no sign fo any wounds or poison. He just died for no reason. And than I disappeared.

- F, 4th original player. He sadly left the session soon after it started, but to this day helps me in GM’ing. Our styles are completely different, but he has a lot of experience as a GM and I’m still asking him for help whevener I need advice.

You are just a heretic, nothing else. We will defeat both you and your master.

- Undermine, our first “new” player. As an Inquisitor in Calixis Sector, he wields a lot of power and resposibility. He uses all of his Influence to create vast nets of agents anywhere and is always watching for any sing of information about the Enemy.

We are agents of Lord Dragons. Do not get in our way.

- Jacek (English version of his name is Jack). He just got used to the sheer size of the Alanverse and started his second session. Currently it’s going well, and he starts realising how powerful the enemy is. Nevertheless, he’s still fearless.

I don’t want revenge. I just want my Master to be defeated.

- Anıl, our first English-speaking player. It’s his first time playing in 40k universe, and it’s going perfectly well – a lot of exploding psykers, death and stuff like that. Also gigantic ships, daemons, and of course the enemy.

More players soon – I need to pick some good quotes for them and then I’ll update this page.


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