This is the master list of all our sessions and PC (and some NPC) in them. They are sorted in chronological order, starting from earlier session and ending on current ones. Note: PC and NPC list will be done soon, just a little patience ;).

choose your next words with exceptional care.

Cervix Raeder (Rouge Trader). Our first session, focused mostly on the Enclave and Warp Storm surrounding it. Following the unexpected discovery of a long-lost Imperial Colony in the silent area inside a Warp Storm, Rogue Trader and his officers are preparing their fortifications, fleets and planets for war against the approaching darkness. With entire Sub-sector sized Enclave under their command, they are on par with power-level of Ascension session.

Rogue Trader Fidelis Pertinax (Terhon)
Seneschal Erei Elan (Szmariu) (MIA, flying in Warp without Geller Field)
Genetor Ortezius (Szmariu)
Missionary Aurelia Sanel (Elavion)

Skyrenne? You mean Skyrim, right? FUS RO DAH!

21st Rodesian (Only War). Session mostly made as filler between Rogue Trader sessions back when we still had only 1 session. We finished Skyrenne Arc by great victory over Orcs forces stationed there. While the combat still rages in some areas, Imperium’s precious promethium facilities are intact and working on 100% power, supporting Sector’s war machine with so-needed fuel and ammunition. As of now, players are not sure if we will ever return to this session, but if they do, they are going to Tranch.

Sharpshooter Hilter (Elavion)
Ministorium Priest ? (Terhon)
Medic/Sergeant ?

I use Spook! … ups…

Dark Heresy in the Enclave. Both players secretely chose to take a Nascent Psyker Trait, without telling another. They were both playing drug-addicts who use a very dangerous chemical known as Spook. This drug gives normal humans psychic abilities, so it was a perfect disguise for their natural talent. Unfortunately, they mananaged to stun themselves, allowing enemies to capture them and interrogate. As a result, on Rogue Trader they had to bomb small part of their most rich Hive World. While not a major drawback, it costed them some nerves, time and resources.

Arbite Foedus (Terhon) (MIA, knocked himself out with a Psychic Power)
Assasin Sil (Szmariu) (MIA, after using a Psychic Power knocked himself out by critically failing Fear Test)

We do the impossible offhand, for miracles you have to wait a bit. (Dark Heresy)

People are either incompetent, traitors, or exceptions. As for now, I only found few exceptions. (Ascension)

Ascension. After playing Dark Heresy for a very long time and survivng everything I threw at them, I asked my players if they want to play Ascension. I warned them that if they say “yes”, campaign will get significantly harder, but they will be able to achive things that are now out of their reach. They accepted immiidately. So, I started by sending them against a Daemonhost without their specialised anti-demonic gear. Then, I sent them on a mission from Ascension rulebook on Rank 5 (you’re supposed to be on Rank 9 or higher to do it), and when they succeded, I threw at them DEATHWATCH mission. On rank 6. And than they still survived all those sessions, and when faced with a great danger for the entire Sector, they were ready to sacrifice themselves to save it. Thay succeded, and as a reward, were officially recoginsed by Conclave as Inquistor and his Retinue. Currently they are preparing Sector for war, doing everything they can and using their Influence faster, than they gain it, in order to have everything prepared when the time comes. On a bright side, every decision in entire session is now paying back, with every faction stronger and trusting them.

Inquisitor Emilia Raven (undermine)
Sage Silen Vetinari (Szmariu)
“Vindicare” Assassin Xelvat/Olan (Terhon)

I am not impressed. Chaos is the true power, not your ‘god’.

100 on Iquiry, a Black Crusade game. Named after a few really horrible rolls on Inquiry, which actually turned out really well – one of them ended up with players claiming a Cobra-Class Escort ship full of high-quality, expensive cogitators. Players are now high-level Chaos Champions, with a power-level equal to Ascension and Rogue Trader, and have support of champions of all Gods. They were also the first session to witness Race X, a servant of the Enemy, and to fight them. Currently they try to stop them from awakening Necron Tomb Worlds hidden within Warp Storm – which is the only obstacle in the way of Enemy’s main fleet.

Heretek Xebar Quadagan (Terhon) alignment: Tzeentch
Renegade Rengar (Elavion) alignment: Khorne

We are agents of the Inquisition, Lord Dragons and everyone else. Fear us!

Six-shooter. Dark Heresy session named after one of PC’s gun (revolver, he’s also playing Metallican Asskicker, so he knows how to use it). They clashed twice with Enemy’s plans, both times coming out alive and stopping the plan from coming to fruition.

Someone has to do something with this Crusade. And they are all either incompetent, or traitors.

Deathwatch. Currently suspended, possibly forever – players resigned from playing after trying for half of a year to find time play, meeting on one 4-hour session, and than being unable to meet even once in two months. It left Achilles Crusade alone, which annoys my players a lot – but they don’t have enough time on any session to go there, which leaves them desperatly trying to do something without actually going on a Crusade themselves.

I have never seen or heard about such power as this, capable of killing everyone on a ship with a single psychic attack.

All Psyker Party, a Black Crusade session with – you guess – 100% psykers. On first sessions, every player died at least once, got corrupted, mutated multiple times, and one of PC’s actually lost his character after being possesed by a Greater Daemon of Tzeentch. Currently they’re pursuing dots on a mysterious map that they stole from Tyrant’s agents.

Psyker Aaron Avendo (Elavion) alignment: Undivided. Possesed by Grater Daemon of Tzeentch, deceasesed.
Psyker ??? (Jack) alignment: Slaanesh
Psyker Vincent Kahl (Anil) alignment: Tzeentch

If we can’t have torpedoes, we can just fit some Cobra-Class Escort ships inside our ship. We have enough space for few of them.

Henne Isi Errea. A new Rogue Trader session, going to Io Expense. Players want to have some rest from Enemy and just have a simple RT session with descovering the riches of the unknown and claiming them for the Emperor, Imperium and profit, with only occasional mention about bigger picture. They fly on a Mass Conveyor, the biggest Imperial civillian ship in existence, so they can basically fit everything they find in one of the cargo holds… which is precisly what they want to do.

So i put the chimney of my Nurgle ship into the planet’s atmosphere and pump a Last-of-Us-like fungus into it, causing the entire population to become my zombies. How many can I fit on my ship?

Fungus, a Black Crusade session. Two Aspiring Champions, Chaos Space Marines, go to Severan Dominate with their small fleet to attack undefended and weakened colonies of both Imperium and Dominate. However, they find them being regularly raided by the Dark Eldar with no response from Dominate forces.

More sessions soon, give me time to find good quotes and descriptions :).


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